7 steps to successful campaign planning and implementation

    In-store advertising often takes a great part of the marketing budget. Campaigns need to be both visually impressive and cost-effective in order to be successful and increase sales. That is why it is obvious that creating a proper campaign description is crucial for the success of the campaign.

    Planning the process carefully and selecting the right advertising materials ensure that the...

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    Transparent and customer focused in-store advertising

    It is a fact that long-term relationships with loyal customers bring better value for retailers. However, building strong relationships with customers requires trust and transparency from retailers. This means, for example, clear and trustworthy advertising so that consumers don’t feel that they are being misled.

    As this article about supermarket promotions by the Campaign business Media...

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    An interview with Teamwork Printmanagement GmbH

    As we already discussed earlier in this previous article, printing on plastic is not difficult, however, it’s also not the same thing as printing on paper. In the article we gave our tips and key points that should be taken into account before printing on a plastic substrate.

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    Environmentally friendly advertising materials

    As we have already discussed in our previous article, increasing number of companies have moved their marketing focus from traditional print media to digital channels. However, according to recent studies, the effectiveness of printed materials in today’s digital world has in fact increased.

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    An interview with Giovanni Re from Roland DG - how can new technologies help in-store advertising?

    Traditional printing and in-store advertising are both changing rapidly. There are many new technologies and formats that challenge printers and advertisers out of their comfort zone to think about new ideas and innovations to be introduced to the market.

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    5 facts about laptop stickers

    There are countless ways to use glue-free stickers. One of them is to use them as laptop stickers.

    What are the benefits of using laptop stickers and why should I use them? We have listed some the greatest benefits below.

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    Advertising with glue-free stickers

    Glue-free stickers are ideal for short-time advertising because they are easy to install and remove by the store staff. Glue-free stickers enable not only new and innovative campaigns, but also easy and effective ideas and opportunities for campaign planning.

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    How to measure the effectiveness of in-store advertising?

    Measuring online sales and advertising is nowadays rather easy. Even though online shopping is growing steadily, the majority of retail sales still takes place in physical stores. However, measuring the effectiveness of traditional in-store advertising is often challenging.  

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    Company Insights

    An interview with Aleksi Rastela, Sales & Marketing Director of Stafix Ltd.

    2015 was a great year for Stafix Ltd. - new products were launched, FESPA was a success and the company also started a new kind of marketing approach. We talked about the previous and the upcoming year with the Sales & Marketing Director of Stafix Ltd., Aleksi Rastela.  What exactly happened last year and what to...

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    The importance of print products in the digital era

    Increasing number of companies have moved their marketing from traditional print media to digital channels. However, the importance of printed products is still high, it has only changed its form. According to a recent Finnish research, the effectiveness of printed materials in the digital age has, in fact, even increased, and big investments on print have an impact on sales, as well.

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    5 things you should ask your Print Management Company

    Companies often consider outsourcing, when they are planning to enhance their operations and look for cost savings by focusing only on their core areas of expertise. When for example,  the time-consuming ground work for advertising campaigns, such as designing and tendering, is outsourced to a skilled partner, it saves the working hours of the company’s own personnel, as well as, generating...

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    What to take into account when printing on plastics substrates?

    Do you know everything about printing on plastics?

    Printing on plastic substrates is not difficult nor rocket science, however, it’s also not the same thing as printing on paper and demands some preparation. The biggest difference concerning the printability of plastic materials and paper is that plastic materials are non-absorbent. There are also big differences in the printability among...

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    Cost-effective in-store advertising

    It is a studied fact that in-store advertising has a strong impact especially on purchases made by an impulse in the store. On the other hand, in-store advertising can be relatively expensive because of material, logistics and installation costs. That is why it is important to concentrate on the selection of the campaign material and plan carefully in order to find the most cost-effective and...

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    Common challenges in retail advertising

    In-store advertising should be both effective and easy to do, and why not even fun sometimes! Nevertheless, people often are faced with difficulties related to the process and implementation of retail advertising.

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    How to succeed in in-store advertising?

    In-store advertising is beneficial for both retailers and their suppliers. In-store advertising makes the store more vivid and generates also additional sales through purchases made by an impulse. On the other hand, the brand gets their products to stand out, and thus to sell better.

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    How to waste a cool design?

    In-store advertising is a considerable investment especially for the big brands. Brands use a large part of their marketing budget to design and create visually impressive in-store advertising campaigns.

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    The 4 most annoying things about stickers

    Stickers are often used for in-store advertising because they can be placed on almost any surface. On the other hand, the removal of stickers can be quite challenging and damage the surface. That’s why many ads are often left where they once were glued and this might result in out-of-date product or campaign information in the store.

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    New ideas for in-store advertisers

    The effectiveness and potential of in-store advertising is extensive, as studies have shown that most of the consumer purchase decisions are made in the store. This sounds quite obvious because we all know that it is rather easy to pick up a product that is on sale or otherwise heavily promoted, when it is available right away.

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    Summer and Select 2015 greetings

    This spring has been busy for us. We have participated in many great events, launched our new website and one new product, not to mention our new blog! Big thanks to all of you reading this right now!

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    Greetings from FESPA 2015

    FESPA 2015 – the global print exhibition - was held during 18th and 22nd of May in Cologne. We also packed our bags and spent a very successful week there.

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    Welcome to our Reaching New Surfaces Blog!

    We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of our new Reaching New Surfaces Blog!

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