Transparent and customer focused in-store advertising

Transparent and customer focused in-store advertising

It is a fact that long-term relationships with loyal customers bring better value for retailers. However, building strong relationships with customers requires trust and transparency from retailers. This means, for example, clear and trustworthy advertising so that consumers don’t feel that they are being misled.

As this article about supermarket promotions by the Campaign business Media eloquently addresses, brands and marketers need to keep their customers at the centre of their thinking, or risk losing their loyalty.

Consumers seek honesty and value for their money

When it comes to supermarkets, price really matters and a large number of groceries are sold on promotion. Most often, supermarkets are full of different price and product promotions provoking us to buy. That is why retail advertising has in fact forced us to always chase for lower prices and better value, making it difficult to become truly loyal customer for just one retailer.

Consumers will always want value for their money, but equally they want clarity and honesty from the retailers. Misleading or confusing price promotions like multi-buy offers that force us to buy more than we really need with little value are quite common examples of irresponsible advertising. These kinds of promotions may be profitable for brands in the short-term but may have a negative effect on customer loyalty in the long-term.

Irresponsible retail advertising has come to its end

There are many things that can mislead consumers in the supermarkets – intentionally or unintentionally. Price information in the ads can be outdated or multi-buy offers don’t bring better value than a single product before the offer.

Because the search for information is nowadays rather easy, misleading promotions or otherwise irresponsible marketing are noticed right away. Consequence: modern customers will easily and without a doubt turn their backs and never return.

In UK, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has called for a change in order to stop irresponsible retail advertising and for example retailer chain ASDA has already taken a step towards clearer price promotions.

How to create more responsible and transparent in-store campaigns?

Transparent and responsible in-store advertising requires versatile advertising materials that are easy to use and can be quickly updated by the store staff.

Glue-free stickers are ideal for short-term in-store advertising because they are easy to install, remove and re-use. They are also suitable for various surfaces without damaging them. Glue-free stickers enable new opportunities and efficiency for in-store advertising designers and retailers themselves. Product and price information can be easily updated and new campaigns launched without confusing or misleading valuable customers.

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