5 facts about laptop stickers

Laptop stickers

There are countless ways to use glue-free stickers. One of them is to use them as laptop stickers.

What are the benefits of using laptop stickers and why should I use them? We have listed some the greatest benefits below.

1. An easy way to renew and personalize your laptop

Most of the time people use these laptop stickers to make their laptop personalized and unique. The design of the sticker reflects your personality and style. It is also rather easy to renew your laptop by just changing the sticker once in a while because glue-free laptop stickers won’t leave any residue when removed.

2. Way to express your brand identity

Laptop stickers are a very popular way to reflect your brand identity by just a single look of your device – they will speak for you while you are working on your laptop. They also provide a convenient way to promote your business and to fascinate new people. Laptop sticker with a company logo, name and slogan is also a nice gift to your employees and clients.

3. Custom designs

Laptop stickers are custom designed so that you can have a sticker made from your own photo, company logo, logo of your favourite sports team etc. The possibilities are practically unlimited.

They are also a great way to express your personality, ideas, or occupation. For example, a freelance writer may select pen and paper as a laptop sticker.

4. Reusable and removable

Laptop stickers

STAFIX®GRIP has a silicone based low-tack adhesion that won’t leave any residue behind when removed. This means that you can remove the sticker anytime without damaging your laptop. You can also easily replace the current sticker with a new one and reuse the same sticker later on.

5. Protection

Laptop stickers can cover the entire top of the laptop, preventing scratches and other damages. Laptops are made for carrying them around and that is why they often tend to get marks, scratches etc. over time. It is much easier to change the damaged laptop sticker than to fix the laptop.

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How to use glue-free stickers in advertising