Environmentally friendly advertising materials

Environmentally safe advertising material

As we have already discussed in our previous article, increasing number of companies have moved their marketing focus from traditional print media to digital channels. However, according to recent studies, the effectiveness of printed materials in today’s digital world has in fact increased.

A common misconception is that print advertising is expensive and harmful for the environment, when compared to digital advertising. As this video by Antalis well points out, print advertising is often actually a responsible choice compared to many digital channels.

Growing care for the environment

As Giovanni Re from Roland DG pointed out in our previous article, there is a growing care for the environment in the market, and that has an impact on advertising materials and inks as well. The demand for sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials is expected to grow in the future.

Selecting an environmentally friendly advertising material is a major step towards more sustainable advertising. Recyclable and PVC-free materials are nowadays rather widely available for various advertising applications. Also the selected printing technique (energy consumption and inks) affects the total environmental impact of the printed advertising materials.

How to be more environmentally friendly?

One very useful way to decrease the environmental impact of an advertising campaign is to pre-test it in one or a couple of locations before launching the actual campaign. This can decrease the material waste and also ensure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Glue-free stickers are ideal for piloting because they are easy to install, reuse and remove.

Another solution to reduce material waste is to take the possibility of changing information into account in planning. This means producing for example displays for a product in line with the brand, and leaving some “empty space” availble on the display for further personalization or additional information during a campaign. Campaign and product-specific personalization can be easily implemented with e.g. static stickers. By doing so, the advertising materials can be reused afterwards by only changing the stickers, which reduces the logistic costs as well.

Using glue-free stickers for advertising campaigns is an eco-friendly option because the material contains no glue or other harmful chemicals. Glue-free stickers are also a safe choice for the advertiser because you don’t have to worry about cleaning and damaging the surfaces.

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How to use glue-free stickers in advertising