POS Advertising in Cold Conditions

All decision makers in marketing or communications face challenges that will affect the choices made when selecting proper communication tools. In retail advertising, especially in cold sections, those challenges are amplified. Lack of space, diffusion, and practicality are major concerns. Moreover, fresh and frozen goods departments are covered with windows, or glazed surfaces and the cleanliness of such surfaces preoccupies owners and customers.

Freezer2The Needs

When focus is established on cold sections, the most important part is to offer a tool to owners and resellers that is cold and humid resistant, without damaging and staining surfaces. The messages and advertisements must be able to catch the customer’s eye all along his itinerary without restricting his movements. But does such a solution exist? 

The Challenges

Common tools such as spotters, wobblers, shelf-tags, and other 3D POS adverts are mostly expensive, hard to install, and after the first use, are often lost or damaged, making them difficult to use a second time. Thus being even more expensive. Keeping this in mind, stickers are an efficient solution. The location of the advertisement in a cold section is complex, as the materials or communication tools must be cold and humid resistant, also respectful of the furniture, easy to install, and easy to remove. It must be solid but inexpensive, resistant but respectful. Glue-free stickers, made from quality plastic material are safe for the surfaces and water resistant. The adhesive strength, whether provided from an electrostatic charge or from silicon, will not be altered by the cold. Surfaces of expensive infrastructures, such as refrigerators and freezers, will become a useful surface!


The Solutions

One of the most important part of the cold sections when thinking about communication is the number of glass or glazed surfaces! It is the best place to leave your customer a message with a sticker! Immediately visible by passersby, stickers will be easy to transport, reducing logistics costs, and easy to install by retail workers, reducing labor costs. STAFIX® materials are made from polypropylene and polyethylene. This will indicate that the sticker won’t absorb water from the ambient humidity, and won’t shrink and fall off. When the campaign needs to be updated, removing the sticker will be easy, and will leave the surface in the same shape at it was!

Short Term Advertising

For a shorter communication plan, electrostatic stickers will escort the customer all along their itinerary. In its white version, it will cover the freezers, refrigerators, window glass, and in its transparent version, it will be able to display messages from inside the glass doors. For flash campaigns, it can cover all the cold section to display messages, on the furniture, the walls, headers… and taking it off will take mere seconds!

Long Term Advertising

Adhesive using a silicon layer will be an important tool for communication that requires a longer presence, or a stronger adhesion. The adhesion will be as strong, even in humid and cold conditions. For an adhesion in average of 12 months, it will replace all adhesives with strong cold resistant glues. 

They Used STAFIX

“When I presented the material in our sales conference to our representatives, they saw great potential in it for various areas. We have so far benefited from the material in several campaigns and have liked the fact that we can install the material easily on the freezers without any worry of glue residue. Additionally the material is 100% recyclable, which supports well our company’s environmental values. The fact that, since our first STAFIX® campaign, we have continued to frequently use the material for various brands and POS campaigns proves that it has been well suitable for our advertising.”

Michael George, Trade Marketing Consultant

Our Mission 

We provide a tool that is easy to use, won’t leave and marks or stains, will allow brands to show a colorful message, and be environmentally friendly. We want to develop tools that will be easy to print, and with as much technique as it is possible, to help you reduce the marginal costs! STAFIX® materials do not use glue, or PVC! Who better than the Finns to certify that the materials are cold proof?