New ideas for in-store advertisers


The effectiveness and potential of in-store advertising is extensive, as studies have shown that most of the consumer purchase decisions are made in the store. This sounds quite obvious because we all know that it is rather easy to pick up a product that is on sale or otherwise heavily promoted, when it is available right away.

On the other hand, super- and hypermarkets are full of different kinds of stimuli that can confuse us, making it quite hard for brands and products to stand out. Well thought out and properly presented POS (Point of Sale) and POP (Point of Purchase) materials attract consumer attention and promote the brand effectively so that it stands out from the crowd.


Glue-free stickers are ideal for short-term in-store advertising because they are easy to install, remove and re-use. They are also suitable for various surfaces without damaging them.

Glue-free stickers enable new opportunities for in-store marketing designers seeking for easy and effective in-store campaigns. The greatest benefits of glue-free stickers in in-store advertising are:

  1. Cost-efficiency
  2. Easy installation
  3. Less limitations on surfaces



Traditional POS and POP materials such as displays are effective but quite expensive and sometimes even not that effective because of poor installation and placing. With glue-free stickers, implementation of effective in-store campaigns is not only cost-effective but also quick and easy to set up by the retail staff. The costs of the in-store campaigns are lower when no professional installation and cleaning are required.

With glue-free stickers it is also possible to replace most of the traditional POS and POP materials. The costs are lower when there is a need for only one printing material, making the distribution of the POS and POP materials easier, as well.


Glue-free stickers enable fast and visual campaign set up all around the store. Glue-free stickers are easy to install by the store staff, and no professional installation is required. With glue-free stickers setting up an in-store campaign is fast to implement and it has great visual results.


Most glue-free stickers adhere to various surfaces so there are fewer limitations on where you can install your advertising. With glue-free stickers it is possible to spread your campaign all around the store on various surfaces, such as freezers and other places often unused. The closer you can have your message to the promoted product, the more effective your campaign will be. 


Check out rest of the benefits from our free eBook “Benefits of glue-free stickers for in-store advertising”. In this eBook we will explain you how glue-free stickers work and how brands and in-store advertising designers could benefit from using glue-free stickers in their in-store marketing campaigns.

Benefits of glue-free stickers