3 reasons why glue-free stickers are the ideal material for advertising in pharmacies

Pharmacies offer a many possibilities for different brands in advertising and reaching their target audiences. Especially for pharmaceutical and medical brands pharmacies are the point of purchase for their target audience and their products. That makes pharmacies the main place to win over potential customers from competing products. So visibility in pharmacies is a key factor to succeed - but how can brands ensure their products get noticed?

Glue-free stickers are one of the best ways to execute pharmacy campaigns that truly capture the target audience’s attention while providing you with the hoped for advantage compared to your product’s competitors. But what makes glue-free stickers so special? Where do we get the courage to claim so? We can say straight away that it’s got nothing to do with courage and more to do with facts and experience. Our customers in pharmacy industry have found that our products solve critical problems related to advertising in pharmacies - next we are going to tell you how.

1. Pharmacies have zero to little extra space

When was the last time you saw a pharmacy that you could describe as roomy or spacious? The most likely answer is never. Pharmacies are not famous for their wide hallways and spacious ailes. Unlike grocery stores, pharmacies don’t need to design their ailes to fit shopping carts - and it shows. Even the shelves are packed to the prim and spaces for traditional stand alone materials like roll-ups are sparse. That’s why advertising in pharmacies is all about unused vertical spaces. Amidst all the crowded spaces the walls, counters, and windows provide an uninterrupted platform to help your ads to really stand out.


2. The windows are the place to be

When we walk by different stores our eyes take in bits and pieces from here and there. The average time a potential customers spends looking at a window is roughly around couple of seconds and only once. Even so, when executed right, window ad campaigns have the potential to guide potential customers to the store - making your campaign more effective and also more appealing to pharmacies themselves.

Glue-free stickers are easy to set up and don’t have a risk of accidentally being displayed in a wringly mess, making them an ideal and impressive material for windows, ensured to capture your target audience’s attention.

3. Easy materials are more likable

Easy materials? More likable? Why would the target audience care if the materials used for the campaign are easy or not? While the target audience most likely won’t care about how easy your campaign materials are to set up, the employees of the pharmacy most definitely will. And the important thing about advertising in pharmacies is that the pharmacies decide which campaigns they will display.

If your corgeous window ad takes about one hour to set up and around two hours to take down, it’s not very likely going to be a big hit with the pharmacy. That’s why easy to set up AND easy to remove ads are to key into swaying the decision makers on your side when they decide their next campaigns.

Now you know what material to use - read next how to use them!

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