Privacy Policy

This policy has last been updated on 11.4.2018


1. Registry holder

Stafix Ltd

Konttisentie 8B
FI-40800 Vaajakoski


2. Contact person for the registry

Aleksi Rastela
Stafix Ltd
Konttisentie 8B, FI-40800, Vaajakoski, FINLAND
+358 10 322 4211

The privacy policy of our marketing platform can be found in


3. Name of the registry

Stafix Ltd’s customer and marketing registry.


4. Why and how do we handle your personal information?

This registry holds information used in our customer relationship management, maintenance, development, analysis, providing services, personalizing content, and operating marketing actions as well as developing our business. All information will be handled within the limits set by the law.

By collecting and handling personal information we may send you targeted and customized marketing and customer materials. If you don’t wish to receive any further material from Stafix Ltd, you can always contact us and tells us about it.


5. What information do we collect?

Our registry stores the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Contact information (email, phone number)
  • Company and position
  • Industry of the company, approximate annual turnover, company size, and other information describing the company
  • Company contact information
  • Information about marketing restrictions
  • Information concerning marketing and sales, such as marketing actions directed at the individual in the registry
  • Online behaviour concerning the individual’s actions on Stafix Ltd’s website or subdomains, such as clicked link and filled forms
  • Other information collected with the permission of the individual

We collect and save information in the registry that you yourself have provided on our website, subdomain, and/or by contacting us via email. If you have not visited Stafix Ltd’s website or otherwise shown any interest in our company in 24 months, all your personal information will be deleted from the registry.


6. How do we collect data?

The information found in the registry is collected either from our website or its subdomains, our Customer Relationship Management -system, publicly available information online, or it has been provided by the person in question themselves.


7. Who has access to your information?

In order to provide you with the best possible customer experience, we might have to provide or share some of your information with our marketing partners. Our partners will only handle as much information as is required in order to give you a tailored customer experience and our partners will never provide third parties with your information. Stafix Ltd. can also share your information with parties outside of the EU or EEA. This is done for example when it is required to ensure the technical maintenance of your personal data is done correctly.


8. How is your personal information protected?

Your personal information is stored in information systems that have been protected and encrypted against technical breaches. Only our (Stafix Ltd’s) own employees have access to the information contained by the registry, and only if they have been granted access to them by the registry holder. Employees handling registry information are bound by non-disclosure agreement.


9. Right to edit and fix your personal information

Any individual who has had their information in the registry have the right to check all information concerning them. Individuals have the right to ask to see their personal information and/or ask for corrections. In order to do that, the individual will have to send either an email or a written letter with their signature to the registry’s contact person.


10. Right to deny

Everyone in the registry has the right to deny their personal information being used in marketing. To express your right to deny you can either write a signed email or letter to the registry’s contact person and ask that your information will not be used in future marketing actions.

We constantly update an develop our services, which might require us to make changes to our Privacy Policy. Because of this we hold the rights for possible changes in the Privacy Policy and will inform about the changes on our website when required so by our business or by the law. This Privacy Policy is valid until further notice starting from 11.4.2018.


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