Advertising with glue-free stickers

Advertising with glue-free stickers

Glue-free stickers are ideal for short-time advertising because they are easy to install and remove by the store staff. Glue-free stickers enable not only new and innovative campaigns, but also easy and effective ideas and opportunities for campaign planning.

Attracting consumer attention, especially in the retail stores, can be challenging because the stores are full of different stimuli irritating us. Other typical challenges in store advertising are:                 

#1 Challenging locations

#2 Updates during the campaign

#3 Various surface types

#4 Multiple locations

#1 Challenging locations

In order to create successful advertising campaigns, brands should be able to spread the word throughout the whole store. However, stores can have very strict controls on where one can install the advertisements and where not. The ads shouldn’t leave any residue or otherwise damage the surfaces in the store, either.

Even the ultimate best solution doesn’t sell if it is in the wrong place. That is why the location of the in-store advertisement, as well as the product being promoted, is crucial for the success of the campaign.

With glue free stickers, it is possible to spread your campaign all around the store without any professional installation or removal.

#2 Updates during the campaign

In some cases, the problem might be that there are some changes or updates that need to be made to the advertising materials during the campaign; such as updating the promotion, adding product-specific enhancements or further price reductions (e.g. daily newspaper half price after 7pm, bigger sales at the end of the campaign etc.). In cases like this, completely new advertising materials must be produced and delivered.

For these purposes, the brand would need a solution that is temporary and easy-to install and remove at the end or even during the campaign without wasting time to clean the surfaces afterwards.

The use of glue-free stickers is especially useful for temporary campaigns and promotions since it is fast and easy to install and does not leave any residue when the stickers are removed at the end of the campaign.

#3 Various surface types

When the brand decides to spread the campaign all around the store, it is important to select an advertising material that can be used on various surfaces.

Since glue-free stickers can be quickly and repeatedly applied to the majority of surfaces, the store staff won’t have to worry about sticky residue that would need to be cleaned when the campaign is over.

With glue-free stickers, it is possible to spread your campaign all around the store on various surfaces, such as walls, floors, windows and counters as well as screens and freezers.

#4 Multiple locations

When the brand has multiple locations for the advertisements, it is important to make sure that the ads are as easy and fast to install and remove as possible so that no professional installation or removal is required.

It is also good to be aware that, although the unit price of the advertising material may seem relatively small, the costs of the logistics can still easily be surprisingly high especially if there are multiple locations and if the whole distribution chain is not carefully planned.

Glue-free stickers are ideal for short-term applications, such as promotions, due to the fact that they can be easily installed anywhere and remove without any residue left to the surface.

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How to use glue-free stickers in advertising